Make A Referral

Thank you for your interest in wanting to attend our Programme, or to recommend it to Whanau.

Completing this form is only the first of many steps you will take in “Giving yourself a real chance”.

The information we are seeking at this first step is to find out whether the programme is going to be suitable for you and you are likely to learn what you need to make the changes you seek.

It also helps us decide whether we need to access extra information to help us negotiate a good decision in relation to you and what you want (eg, Probation, Forensic Reports, talk to Whanau etc). The information we are focussing on at this time will help us assess your eligibility to enter the programme and your capacity for managing the demands of the programme.

Please Note:

  • Moana House is a smoke-free programme (Whaiora & Staff)
  • We are based in Dunedin (South Island) Programme
  • Completion of this form does not mean you are accepted into the programme
  • You are welcome to phone and speak with us should you have any times by negotiation if this is suitable for you
  • We are a long-term programme, up to 12 months residential with shorter detoxification available
  • All options followed by After Care, "to make a real change"
  • Detector Dogs are used for everyone's safety and to support your desire

Exclusions for Referrals:

  • Those under 17 years of age
  • Those who have not guilty pleas
  • Active psychotic disorder
  • History of sexual offences against minors
  • Those on a sentence of Preventive Detention (needs for these men are best managed by the Dept of Corrections)